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VAT Vacuum is a major player in the development, manufacture and sale of vacuum valves for the semiconductor and vacuum coating industries as well as for the research sector.

With the largest selection of vacuum valves, constant innovation, the highest quality standards and long-term guaranteed service, VAT is the leading manufacturer of vacuum valves in the world. Our standard products have established themselves world-wide and today represent the gold standard within their field.

We employ over 900 people worldwide, with about 600 based at the headquarters in Switzerland. A third of the staff work in Research and Development, different Product Groups and in the laboratory.

Distributors in the UK, USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Germany and France as well as a dense of sales reps, ensure that our customers get the best professional advice. Our distributors also provide servicing and repairs at local level.
Although our catalogue has more than 1000 products listed, our customer-focused R&D staff are used to efficiently working out and implementing appropriate solutions in an international and intercultural environment.

Our products are used in a variety of applications including semiconductor and flat screen manufacturing, coating of glass and tools, metallurgy, surface analysis, high energy physics, synchrotrons, laser technology, and space travel simulation.

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VAT Vacuum Products Limited
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What’s new

  • New S59 All-Metal UHV Variable Leak Valve

    New S59 All-Metal UHV Variable Leak Valve

    Products | 3 May 2013

    VAT, worldwide leader in vacuum valve technology, is pleased to announce the launch of its new S59 All-Metal UHV Variable Leak Valve to add to its already extensive range of vacuum valves.