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Physics World July 2015

IOP Publishing 1 Jul 2015

Weird natural phenomena: Physics of the rare, transient or remote


Evaluating Electrically Insulating Epoxies

Master Bond Inc. 22 Jun 2015

New White Paper from Master Bond

Laser attenuator

Edinburgh Biosciences and Delta Optical Thin Film A/S jointly announce a laser attenuator based on linear variable filter technology

DELTA Optical Thin Film A/S 12 Jun 2015

Edinburgh/Hørsholm – Edinburgh Biosciences and Delta Optical Thin Film announce the release of a new type of laser attenuator that is based on Delta’s proprietary linear variable filter technology (patent pending).

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Photonic Packaging for Light-MiLES: Miniature Laser-Illumined Eye-safe Sensors

Gooch & Housego 3 Jul 2015

Light-MiLES was an Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board) funded research project running from December 2012 – May 2015. The project goals were to develop a novel laser transmitter and integrate it with an imaging array to produce an active laser-illuminated imaging sensor.

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The HMT Wide-Range Vacuum Process Diagnostic

Hiden Analytical Limited 3 Jul 2015

Vacuum processing is an essential element of diverse chemical, metallurgical and electronics-related procedures including vacuum furnacing, chemical vapour deposition, surface etching and evaporative coating, with operating requirements through diverse pressure stages.

Owis limes 124 ims

OWIS® high-precision linear stages LIMES 124-IMS: new with integrated measuring system

OWIS GmbH 3 Jul 2015

For years, they are among the best sellers under the high-precision linear stages – the OWIS® LIMES 124.


Texas Center for Proton Therapy selects RayStation for treatment planning

RaySearch Laboratories AB 3 Jul 2015

With plans to open in late 2015, the next-generation proton center will use RayStation® exclusively for all patient planning.

The bioprinted ‘play dough’ capable of cell and protein transfer

IOP Publishing 3 Jul 2015

Scientists have developed a new technique allowing the bioprinting at ambient temperatures of a strong paste similar to ‘play dough’ capable of incorporating protein-releasing microspheres.

Mems chip3 10x marked

Microspot Thin Film Thickness Measurements by Transmission and Reflectance Microspectroscopy

CRAIC Technologies, Inc. 2 Jul 2015

CRAIC FilmPro™ software is used with CRAIC Technologies microspectrometers to measure the thickness of thin films of microspot areas in both reflectance and transmission.

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Nanosurf vid

Watch the Nanosurf AG video here

Atomic Force Microscopes and Nanoscale Surface Analysis

In just 1:23 minutes, this updated video explains what surface analysis with our atomic force microscopes (AFM) and scanning tunnelling microscopes (STM) can do for you, your products, and your research.

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Evaluating Electrically Insulating Epoxies

Master Bond Inc. 22 Jun 2015

New White Paper from Master Bond


New White Paper from RaySearch Laboratories download weblink

RaySearch Laboratories AB 9 Jun 2015

Robust Optimization in Raystation

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Physik Instrumente

PI Group – Unique in Piezo Technology and Precision Positioning

No other company in the world offers a broader and deeper portfolio of precision motion technologies than the PI Group. Continuous growth through the development of novel products and technologies is one of the main characteristics of the PI Group.

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