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CoreAFM — The essence of AFM weblink

Nanosurf AG 23 Sep 2016

The compact research AFM that offers best value for money

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Oxford Instruments launches TLEX - a new model of their OptistatDry for sample-in-exchange-gas applications weblink

Oxford Instruments NanoScience 22 Sep 2016

Oxford Instruments has annouced the latest version of their OptistatDry. The new TLEX model continues to strengthen their their Cryofree® cryostat family and provides cryogenic temperatures for sample-in-exchange-gas applications, with top-loading sample change.

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Physics World Focus on: Astronomy and space

IOP Publishing 26 Sep 2016

Seeing further and finer than ever before


Physics World September 2016

IOP Publishing 26 Sep 2016

Breath easy: How breath can reveal crowd behaviour


Physics World August 2016

IOP Publishing 26 Sep 2016

From WiFi to LiFi: Using light for wireless communication


Physics World July 2016

IOP Publishing 26 Sep 2016

Planetary science: Secrets of the Solar System


Physics World June 2016

IOP Publishing 26 Sep 2016

New kinds of networks: Using physics to understand historical ages

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AFSEM™ offers a solution for conductive AFM in SEM with self-sensing cantilevers weblink

Nanosurf AG 23 Sep 2016

GETec and Nanosurf now offer self-sensing conductive cantilevers for AFSEM™ that enable conductivity probing in the vacuum environment of the SEM

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Watch the QuantumWise A/S video here

Virtual NanoLab (VNL)

Virtual NanoLab (VNL) works as a graphical user interface for Atomistix ToolKit (ATK), but QuantumWise also develops extendable tools allowing VNL to act as a flexible graphical user interface (GUI) for other software packages apart from ATK.

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Ultrafast optical sampling oscilloscope download

Laser Quantum Ltd 3 May 2016

Want improved resolution, speed, accuracy and precision? Read on to find out about the key benefits of ASOPS

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Auto-IMRT Planning in Pinnacle: A Study in Head-and-Neck Cancer download

Philips Radiation Oncology Systems (PROS) 23 Nov 2015

New White Paper from Philips

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Amptek Inc.

AMPTEK is the world leader in supplying low-cost, easy-to-use, thermoelectrically cooled X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Detectors and Electronics.

The Super SDD, Si-PIN, and CdTe detectors, with their Preamplifiers and Digital Pulse Processors (DPP), are ideal for OEMs developing table-top or hand-held XRF analyzers and for laboratory and field use. The XR-100SDD detector system and X-123SDD complete handheld spectrometer have 125eV resolution @ 5.9 keV, 11.2 µs Peaking Time, 82000 P/B, and 100,000 CPS.OEMs have made Amptek their #1 choice.

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