Accelerators, beams and particles

Systems and components for creating, manipulating and testing beams of energetic particles.

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IOP Publishing 24 Feb 2017

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Hmba lattice

Dr Pantaleo Raimondi wins 2017 Gersh Budker prize

ESRF 28 Mar 2017

The European Physical Society Accelerator Group (EPS-AG) has awarded the ESRF’s Accelerator & Source Director, Dr. Pantaleo Raimondi, the 2017 Gersh Budker Prize, for his outstanding contribution to the accelerator field in the form of his “invention of the Hybrid Multi Bend Achromat (HMBA) lattice”,

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Physics World March 2017

IOP Publishing 27 Feb 2017

Special issue: coding and computing

Kumamoto eq3 3

Heating a sample under strong magnetic field

Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd. 31 Jan 2017

With the Quartz Guided Infrared Heater, a sample located under strong magnetic field, i.e. at the centre of superconducting magnet is possible.

Pwfeb17cover 500

Physics World February 2017

IOP Publishing 26 Jan 2017

Ancient mystery: How scientists are modelling the mechanics of dinosaur motion

Pwjan17cover 500

Physics World January 2017

IOP Publishing 19 Dec 2016

Biological control – can magnetic fields switch neurons on and off?

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Physics World November 2016

IOP Publishing 23 Nov 2016

Physics and food: How physics research is shaping how and what we eat

Pwneut16cover 500

Physics World Focus on Neutron Science

IOP Publishing 23 Nov 2016

Making the most from the latest advances

Pwoct16cover 500

Physics World October 2016

IOP Publishing 23 Nov 2016

From weapons to white dwarfs: How military labs are opening up to the world

Pwdec16cover 500

Physics World December 2016

IOP Publishing 23 Nov 2016

Animal magic: How a physicist fell in love with penguins

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E4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING sponsors GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam and announces availability of OP206, the NVIDIA GPU-accelerated OpenPOWER™ server weblink

E4 Computer Engineering S.p.A. 29 Sep 2016

As NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference lands in Europe for the first time, E4 Computer Engineering prepares for it with a system based on the latest IBM POWER8 with NVIDIA NVlink™ processor and supporting the most advanced NVIDIA Tesla® P100 GPU accelerator.


Physics World September 2016

IOP Publishing 1 Sep 2016 | Updated: 26 Sep 2016

Breath easy: How breath can reveal crowd behaviour

Pwchisep16 ofc

Physics World Special Report: China

IOP Publishing 1 Sep 2016 | Updated: 3 Oct 2016

Pushing the frontiers of physics

Pwvac16 p ofc

Physics World Focus on: Vacuum technology

IOP Publishing 2 Aug 2016 | Updated: 3 Oct 2016

Challenges, applications and solutions

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PHOTONIS Introduces a New High Quantum Efficiency Photocathode weblink


New Hi-QE Photocathode increases QE 50% over S20 types.


Physics World August 2016

IOP Publishing 1 Aug 2016 | Updated: 26 Sep 2016

From WiFi to LiFi: Using light for wireless communication


Physics World July 2016

IOP Publishing 1 Jul 2016 | Updated: 26 Sep 2016

Planetary science: Secrets of the Solar System

Pwoptjun16 ofc edition

Physics World Focus on: Optics and photonics

IOP Publishing 1 Jun 2016 | Updated: 3 Oct 2016

Exploring the power of light


Physics World June 2016

IOP Publishing 1 Jun 2016 | Updated: 26 Sep 2016

New kinds of networks: Using physics to understand historical ages

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