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E4 COMPUTER ENGINEERING sponsors GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam and announces availability of OP206, the NVIDIA GPU-accelerated OpenPOWER™ server

As NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference lands in Europe for the first time, E4 Computer Engineering prepares for it with a system based on the latest IBM POWER8 with NVIDIA NVlink™ processor and supporting the most advanced NVIDIA Tesla® P100 GPU accelerator.

Amsterdam (NL) September 28th, 2016 – E4 Computer Engineering announced today product availability of E4 OP206, a system designed to propel deep learning, artificial intelligence, high performance data analytics and other data intensive workloads. The announcement was made in conjunction with opening of the first European GPU Technology conference of which E4 is Silver Sponsor

E4’s OP206 is a 2U, 2-socket system built on the latest IBM POWER8® with NVIDIA NVLink CPU. Hosting up to 8 memory risers, the OP206 is a high-density Tesla P100 GPU-accelerated platform OpenPOWER™ high-performance computing and data analytics.

While the first POWER8 based server of the E4’s series, the OP205 was intended to be a development platform, the OP206 solution is fully compatible in Linux-based cloud environments and is optimized for data-rich applications delivering superior data center efficiency.

The OP206 deploys up to four NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU and the dual socket POWER8® with NVIDIA NVLink processor — the first high-speed GPU interconnect that let data move between GPUs and CPUs 5 to 12 times faster than they can today.

GPU computing developers’ and users’ fundamental pain points are keeping massively parallel GPUs fed with data and this platform aims to help them do just that.
A large number of applications run on the OP206 platform. A sampling of HPC applications suited for OP206 includes Code-Saturne, LS-DYNA, OpenFOAM, GAMESS, CPMD, VASP and many others.

“Our commitment to OpenPOWER Foundation is very strong so we wanted to bring an OCP solution that could be a reference for the Foundation’s eco-system”, said Cosimo Gianfreda, CTO E4 Computer Engineering. “Having initially developed the OP206 solution for a highly customized project with excellent result, We are very confident that the standard version which is now available for order, will also bring outstanding results both in terms of speed and performances. The integration of the most advanced technologies such as POWER8 CPU with NVlink and the NVIDIA Tesla P100,means that Data Center environments will be able to increase throughput while being cost effective”

“The POWER8 with NVIDIA NVLink processor enables incredible speed of data transfer between CPUs and GPUs ideal for emerging workloads like AI, machine learning and advanced analytics”, said Rick Newman, Director of OpenPOWER Strategy & Market Development Europe. “The open and collaborative spirit of innovation within the OpenPOWER Foundation enables companies like E4 to leverage new technology and build cutting edge solutions to help clients grappling with the massive amounts of data in today’s technology environment.”

The Power System for High Performance Computing powered by NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs accelerators with NVLink will facilitate high-performance analytics and enable deep learning on ever increasing mountains of data- said Stefan Kraemer, Head of the HPC team, NVIDIA – Performance is a key word for advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. OpenPOWER Partners like IBM and E4 are making real advancements in the productions of accelerated systems that will thrive in such environments”

Last year E4 Computer Engineering joined the OpenPOWER Foundation and since then it has been active in developing accelerated solutions that leverage the performance of the POWER8 processor, which was designed from the ground up for big data. This approach is totally in line with the company strategy, which consists in becoming the reference supplier for IT solutions, focused on technological innovation, with the aim to make customers develop and implement their own research and improve the world of tomorrow.

About E4 Computer Engineering
Since 2002, E4 Computer Engineering has been innovating and actively encouraging the adoption of new computing and storage technologies. Because new ideas are so important, we invest heavily in research and hence in our future. Thanks to our comprehensive range of hardware, software and services, we are able to offer our customers complete solutions for their most demanding workloads on: HPC, Big-Data, AI, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and for any challenging Storage and Computing requirements. E4: When performance matters

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