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Allectra Ltd.

Allectra GmbH was founded in 2002 in Berlin and now manufactures and supplies a full range of HV (high vacuum) and UHV (ultra high vacuum) components including custom products all over the world. Allectra Limited was started in 2003 in Sussex to promote the products on a worldwide basis. The Allectra sales and service network is also supported by offices in France and Italy. Today, global customers include universities, major Synchrotron laboratories and High Technology companies.

Allectra manufacture electrical feedthroughs, cables, mechanical components and other items including quick access doors, load locks, vacuum chambers and optical components including viewports.

The company is actively involved in the development of new products which can yield technical advantage or cost-saving over conventional components. Our new product range includes Pressure Burst Disks - low pressure versions, a new version of our Triaxial Feedthrough with both small dimensions and high quality connectors, radiation resistant Kapton® insulated wires and radiation resistant wire with PEEK insulation.


What’s new

  • Vacuum Technology innovation crucial for Allectra

    News | 9 Jul 2014

    Anyone who uses Vacuum as part of the production process knows that new solutions are always being required.

  • Allectra's relationship with Synchrotrons

    News | 9 Jul 2014

    Allectra GmbH was set up in Berlin in 2002 to manufacture and supply high quality components for Vacuum technology. Today, Allectra has a global network with main offices in Germany, the UK, France and Italy.

  • Allectra Ltd.

    Watch the Allectra Limited video here

    Videos | 15 Apr 2014

    Allectra Limited - new facility in UK to expand manufacturing capabilities, High Vacuum and Ultra High vacuum components.

  • Allectra launches a M12 Feedthrough

    Products | 2 Apr 2014

    Allectra now offers a UHV M12 Feedthrough including UHV compatible connector. For less demanding applications, HV and standard connectors can be used on both sides.

  • Allectra opens a new facility in the UK

    News | 2 Apr 2014

    Now in our eleventh year, Allectra has just opened a new facility in the UK to expand our manufacturing capabilities. This new build incorporates a clean assembly area, specials workshop and CAD/CAM manufacturing.

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