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Allectra has custom design and manufacturing departments with engineering and scientific capability in both the UK and Germany.


We provide High-Vacuum and Ultra-High Vacuum components and bespoke solutions in multiple scientific and technology disciplines.

Allectra has a skilled team of physicists, technical advisers, engineers and specialist  project managers. We will produce detailed engineering drawings based on customers' sketches – 3D compatibility check is included.

Manufactured parts, which may be special flanges made from stainless steel are produced in the company's advanced workshop using numerically controlled manufacturing centres.

All items are fully tested before being commissioned; and cleaned to our ultra- high vacuum standard (            UHV) before being despatched to a pre-agreed delivery date.

 Allectra is a green company and uses only environmentally approved cleaning fluids. The workshop and offices are heated by a carbon neutral wood pellet boiler and electricity for the manufacturing is generated by solar PV panels on the roof.

 Allectra Limited is ISO 9001 certified.


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