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Allectra is committed to developing new products which can yield technical advantage or cost-saving over conventional components.


By using these products, our customers are able to take advantage of the latest High Technology advancements we have been to identify. For example, our Circular Miniature Feedthroughs are compact and can still hold up to 19 pins. They have now been adopted as a standard by Synchrotrons worldwide.

Our physicists and engineers originate, develop and manufacture components for the High Technology marketplace. These components have included Fibre Optic Feedthroughs, Circular Miniature Feedthroughs, Sub-Miniature D Type Feedthroughs, High Frequency Feedthroughs (up to 40 GHz), Radiation Resitant wire with PEEK insulation, Pressure Burst Disks - low pressure versions, Radiation Resistant Kapton® insulated wires and a new version of the Triaxial Feedthrough.


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