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Bartington Instruments designs, develops and manufactures high precision fluxgate magnetometers, magnetic susceptibility instrumentation, and products for, creating or cancelling magnetic fields.

Our range of three-axis magnetic field sensors offer low-noise capability with a wide range of enclosures, configurations and packaging options, while  our range of single axis fluxgates provide precision DC measurements of fields up to 2mT at temperatures as low as 4K.

Alongside these our range of data acquisition systems and conditioning units provide analogue conditioning, A/D conversion, magnetic field and vibration spectrum analysis, standalone signal conditioning and power supply for the sensors.

For calibrating sensors or conducting experiments against a constant, known, magnetic background, our three-axis Helmholtz Coil systems have nominal diameters of 500mm (HC1) or 1m (HC2) , 0.1% homogenous magnetic field volumes of 260cm3 or 2515cm3 respectively.

The Bartington Instruments team also uses its 30 years of experience in customised product design to undertake projects for specific customer requirements. On request, we have designed electronics with noise levels down to a few pT at 1Hz for  incorporation into instruments that combine high sensitivity with very low power requirements and drift. We have responded to customer demand by designing fluxgate probes for operation on drill heads, on aircraft, in space or at the bottom of the sea. Instruments have been designed that can operate at cryogenic temperatures, in excess of 200ÂșC; in a vacuum or at pressures up to 500 bar, and can tolerate shocks to 600g and vibration to 6.8grms.

All Bartington Instruments sensors are provided with a Certificate of Calibration in accordance with our published specifications and the provisions of ISO10012-1.

We offer a range of training courses to ensure that users can best operate their equipment.

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