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Generate, filter, select: How Plan Explorer redefines automatic planning

Webinar presented by Freddie Cardel: Director of Service RaySearch Americas, Erik Korevaar and Roel Kierkels: University Medical Center Groningen

Generate, filter, select: How Plan Explorer redefines automatic planning.

9th Novemver 2016 5pm CET


How automatic is your automation?

In part one of this webinar, Freddie Cardel outlines the concept of automatic plan generation with Plan Explorer and demonstrates a completely new level of automation. He explains the approach, where large numbers of high-quality treatment plans are automatically generated for defined clinical goals and combinations of treatment techniques and machines, and shows how these plans can be easily filtered and browsed to find the most suitable candidates to be evaluated.


In part two, Erik Korevaar and Roel Kierkels present the first findings of the clinical evaluation they performed at University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands, and describe how the center envisions the use of the tool in clinical practice.


Roel kierkels

Erik korevaar

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