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The British Vacuum Council

The British Vacuum Council (BVC) is a national organisation that promotes excellence in vacuum science and connects UK vacuum science and related fields with the International Union for Vacuum Science, its Techniques and Application (IUVSTA).

The British Vacuum Council (BVC) aims to promote understanding and teaching of vacuum science, technology and its applications and increase the visibility and recognition of the field in the UK and internationally. The BVC pursues these goals by providing recognition for outstanding accomplishments in vacuum science in the UK via prestigious prizes, coordinates and promotes vacuum science related events and  provides a communication channel and information resource for engagement of UK scientists with IUVSTA.

About us

The British Vacuum Council is a registered charity which is charged with representing, at an international level, the professional interests of scientists and engineers in Great Britain who work in fields related to vacuum. It carries out this function by acting as an umbrella body for those professional and learned societies which have members working in such fields. These societies are then the institutional members of the Council. Currently, there are two institutional members: the Institute of Physicsand the UK Surface Analysis Forum, UKSAF.

The Members of Council are its Officers, elected at the Annual Meeting of the Councils, and two representatives nominated by each institutional member.

The British Vacuum Council is the representative of Great Britain on the International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and its Applications (IUVSTA). As such, it nominates a Councillor and Alternate Councillor for periods of three years (also known as a 'Triennium'). It also nominates representatives to each Divisional College of IUVSTA, again for periods of three years. The Councillor, Alternate and Divisional Representatives are co-opted automatically as non-voting members of Council (unless they are already full members).

The Council has no individual members or corporate members.

Charity Information

The British Vacuum Council is a registered charity, Charity Number 292999. The registry entry can be examined by following this link.

The full (voting) members of Council are regarded as the Trustees of the charity. An annual return is made to the The Charity Commissioner of England and Wales by the end of October each year. The income of the Charity is below the threshold at which it is obliged to submit financial accounts to the Commission.

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