Computer Algebra for Theoretical Physics

Webinar presented by Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, Research Fellow, Maplesoft

Computer Algebra for Theoretical Physics

6th December 2017 3pm GMT


Generally speaking, physicists still find that computing with paper and pencil is in most cases simpler than computing with a Computer Algebra System (CAS). Although that is true in some cases, the working paradigm is changing: developments in CAS, and particularly recent ones in the Maple system, have resulted in the implementation of most of the mathematical objects and mathematics used in theoretical physics computations, and have dramatically approximated the notation used in the computer to the one used with paper and pencil, diminishing the learning gap and computer-syntax distraction to a strict minimum. In this talk, the Physics project at Maplesoft will be presented and the resulting Physics package will be illustrated through simple problems in classical field theory, quantum mechanics and general relativity, and through tackling the computations of some recent Physical Reviewpapers in those areas.



Edgardo Cheb-Terrab

Dr. Edgardo Cheb-Terrab is the main author of the world-leading ODE and PDE symbolic solvers in Maple as well as the ground-breaking Physics package. He also works in Maple in the areas of differential algebra, differential geometry, and special functions. His main areas of interest are quantum field theory, general relativity and education.

Dr. Cheb-Terrab received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and was the head of the Theoretical Physics department at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. In 1996 he moved to Canada, where he has been working for Maplesoft concurrent with periods at the University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University. 

Dr. Cheb-Terrab is also the Editor for Algebraic Manipulation for the journal Computer Physics Communications.

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