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Providing human-centric software solutions to improve workflow and patient care.

Elekta's human-centric software creates an efficient clinical environment in which all activities related to patient care - from diagnosis and treatment to follow-up - are as streamlined as possible, giving clinicians more time to focus on patients. Elekta's open systems and vendor-neutral connectivity ensure cross-platform flexibility to integrate the most advanced and useful tools. Oncology departments worldwide recognize Elekta Software's unique, comprehensive offerings, with 100,000 patients annually receiving diagnosis, treatment or follow-up facilitated by Elekta solutions.

MOSAIQ® Radiation Oncology

MOSAIQ® Oncology Information System for Radiation oncology sets the standard for comprehensive patient charting, connectivity and usability in a single system.

MOSAIQ® Medical Oncology

Comprehensive EMR that manages the entire chemotherapy treatment workflow across multi-disciplinary teams in a single system.

Oncology Informatics/Data Alliances

The Elekta Software family of cancer care products – pathology data to cancer registry, pathology reports to the oncology EMR, or oncology EMR data to cancer registry – streamlines the flow of information among the entire cancer care team.

Software Services

A range of services designed to improve workflow, optimize operator skills and maximize system utilization. Software services include telephone and on-line support, as well as training, education and consultative services.

Treatment Planning Software

Our solutions, including XiO® and Monaco®, cover the spectrum of radiation therapy, radiosurgery and particle therapy techniques. Elekta provides comprehensive tools to make planning easier, simpler and clinically reliable.

Clarity® Soft Tissue Visualization

Groundbreaking non-invasive, non-ionizing image guidance technology to enable exquisite visualization of soft tissue targets, provides promising platform for next generation motion management.

METRIQ® Cancer Registry

METRIQ provides the essential tools for cancer case tracking, data aggregation, analysis, and reporting for hospitals, hospital networks and state and regional cancer registries.

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