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Do you use integrated lasers?

What do you want from a laser supplier? Is price the only deciding factor?

Price is a key point, but there is more to it than that! Reliability and predictability of the supply chain, the ease of dealing with the laser supplier, sustainability of the laser itself and the response of the manufacturer to sort out service issues are all important factors that make your end product.

Laser Quantum has a rapidly growing OEM supply business by simply removing the need to think about the laser. Our lasers arrive on time, with the right high specifications, high installation reliability and long lifetimes. Our OEM partners can therefore concentrate on developing other parts of their business, confident that the laser is going to do what is required.

What about the next generation of your instrument? Will a laser with different characteristics help improve the results your technology can deliver? As a Laser Quantum partner, the long term success of your products is key to our success and we work in partnership with the OEM R&D teams to define laser specifications for the future years.

Are you planning your next generation instrument and interested to discuss how Laser Quantum can give you a competitive edge? If so, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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