XIA introduces a 32-channel low cost PXIe digital signal processor

XIA LLC has expanded its range of PXIe digital signal processors with the introduction of a 32-channel 3U card for nuclear physics instrumentation.  In addition to high speed spectroscopy with patented algorithms, the Pixie-32 features waveform capture at 50 MSPS.

Pixie 32 side 1920x1200

Taking advantage of new low cost, high density ADC components, this new member of XIA’s Pixie spectrometer family is designed to address needs in the nuclear physics community for instrumenting large scale radiation detectors at relatively low cost. The Pixie-32 is a true multi-channel spectrometer that not only digitally captures incoming waveforms but also provides good time and energy resolution at a per channel cost up to 10 times lower than other digital readout modules of similar capability.


The Pixie-32 is the first member of a family of digital spectrometers modules that will all share the same communication back-end while their front-ends have a variety of digitization and signal processing options to meet the community’s broad spectrum of readout electronics needs. This approach enhances the instrument’s flexibility because the front-end is easily adaptable to different experiments or applications.


The Pixie-32 is a 3U PXI Express (PXIe) card housed in a PXIe chassis. Its front panel high density connector can accept up to 32 single-ended analog signals. An optional 32 channel mezzanine board is under development that will expand the Pixie-32’s capacity to 64-channels. Output data transfer is via PCI express which, with suitable PC configuration, supports reading out multiple modules in parallel. Integration into larger systems is facilitated by front and back panel digital I/O that allow the Pixie-32 to generate and respond to various clock, trigger and veto signals.

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