pco.edge gold 5.5

pco.edge gold 5.5: new sCMOS camera system with deep cooling.


PCO AG presents a further model in the pco.edge sCMOS camera family. The brand new member with deep cooling is called pco.edge gold 5.5

The new pco.edge gold 5.5 is an outstanding product offering long exposure times and best performance data combined with highest frame rates. The scientific CMOS sensor is adjustable via air cooling to -15C and with water cooling to -30C. This ensures optimized dark current noise performance during long exposure times.

Additionally the new sCMOS member satisfies with the following specifications:

  • 0.8 e- rms readout noise
  • 37 000 : 1 intra-scene dynamic (16 bit)
  • 2560 x 2160 pixel resolution

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