Delta Series New Generation of Turnkey TCSPC Fluorescence Lifetime Systems

Most advanced TCSPC system controller, widest array of sources & lifetime ranges; virtually unlimited configurability with new F-Link plug-and-play architecture & advanced lifetime modelling software.

Delta Series, our newest generation of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) fluorescence lifetime systems. Designed to be faster, simpler, and more affordable than any other lifetime solution on the market.

Delta series features the most advanced TCSPC system controller, the widest array of sources (up to 100 MHz operation), widest lifetime ranges (ps to sec); virtually unlimited configurability with our new F-Link plug-and-play architecture; and the industry’s most advanced lifetime modelling software. Lowest deadtime of any TCSPC system makes the Delta series the fastest lifetime system on the market, with nearly lossless counting at up to 100 MHz and total lifetime measurement times as short as 1 ms.

DeltaPro filter-based lifetime system and DeltaFlex fully modular system.