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Hyperspectral Imaging Seminar, Tuesday 13th December 2016

Technology & Innovation Centre, Strathclyde University, Glasgow

Register for our LOT-QuantumDesign and Specim Hyperspectral Imaging Seminar which is being held at Strathclyde University on Tuesday 13th December 2016.

This free of charge seminar is aimed at both experienced hyperspectral imaging users as well as people new to hyperspectral imaging.  The format of the day will include an introduction to hyperspectral imaging (including theory, applications and data analysis examples) and a practical demonstration of the sisuCHEMA with SWIR spectral camera.

To register please contact Angela Carslake on 01372 378822, email angela@lot-qd.co.uk

Preliminary agenda:

09.30Registration and coffee
10.00Welcome and introduction to LOT-QuantumDesign and Specim (Ben Parker, LOT-QuantumDesign)
10.15Theory and fundamentals of hyperspectral imaging (Mathieu Marmion, Specim)
11.00Coffee Break
11.15Overview of applications (Mathieu Marmion, Specim)
11.45How to analyze spectral imaging data (Mathieu Marmion, Specim)
13.00What components are required for a push-broom hyperspectral imaging setup? (Ben Parker, LOT-QuantumDesign)
13.30The new airborne product line from Specim (Mathieu Marmion, Specim)
14.00Practical demonstration of sisuCHEMA system with SWIR spectral camera (Mathieu Marmion, Specim)
15.30Discussion and Q&A