Through our four divisions – Vacuum Mart, Process Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing – we provide the most complete line of products and service solutions in the vacuum industry worldwide.

Vacuum Mart Division: The Vacuum Mart™ Division has been delivering quality vacuum products to our customers for decades. With more than 14,000 different components for every type of vacuum environment, The Kurt J. Lesker Company® (KJLC®)provides the very building blocks of the industry.  We maintain the largest inventory of vacuum products available anywhere, so no matter the need, finding your part at KJLC is a simple, straight forward process from start to finish.  KJLC has the most comprehensive inventory in the industry strategically located in our global distribution centers, providing the benefit of “buying locally” from a global supplier. Let us provide streamlined solutions to your complex supply chain and logistic issues.       

        Specifically, Lesker offers the widest selection of internationally compatible flanged components, feedthroughs, valves, and components, along with a wide range of vacuum pumps, gauging, and vacuum fluids, from leading manufacturers (including KJLC).

Materials Division: Materials, more than any other product, are directly incorporated into the end product or result for our customers, with that in mind the Materials Division focuses on quality and performance as our primary responsibility. From the detailed inspection of our targets to the careful packaging regulations that ensure repeatable and expected results, KJLC® is poised to be your partner for all materials needs.

Specifically, our ISO 9001:2008-certified Materials Division carries hundreds of pure materials, evaporation sources, and crucible liners for use in both thermal and E-beam evaporation, as well as sputter deposition processes. We offer pure elements, compounds, alloys, ceramics, intermetallics, and mixtures in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purities for R&D applications. In addition, our sputter target bonding and precious metals reclamation services save our customers time and money. Customers can access MSDS and Material Certification Sheets from our website for most materials. The Materials Division is always ensuring your standards are met by meeting our own quality demands.

Process Equipment Division: The experienced engineers and designers of the Process Equipment Division™ help lead the development of products, systems, and services to meet the ever-evolving demands of vacuum customers in advanced research and industrial positions around the world. Operating from a mindset dedicated to making our customers more productive and successful, the Process Equipment Division offers custom vacuum system solutions–a legacy of fresh thinking that expands KJLC's scope of products to all production and research projects

Manufacturing Division: KJLC®Manufacturing was established 25 years ago as the engineering, machining, welding, clean assembly and test division of Kurt J. Lesker Company. The division specializes in fabrication of stainless steel and aluminum products for vacuum related applications.

The KJLC Manufacturing Division serves many markets and industries, including Vacuum Science, Photovoltaics, Defense, Semiconductor, Nuclear, Automotive, Aerospace, and R&D.

KJLC's commitment to quality is shown through our ISO 9001:2008 certification and adherence to security and confidentiality through compliance with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations).


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