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Laser Quantum works with many of the top institutions in the world, studying anything from fundamental physics to the structure of the brain. We have clients in a range of scientific and industrial disciplines and our lasers are developed to meet their needs.

Collaborating with research institutes, Laser Quantum is continually developing its lasers to meet the needs of scientific advances, and has worked with universities across the globe, including; University College London, University of South Florida, Kirchhoff- Institute for Physics and University of Konstanz and the Centre for Applied Photonics.

In addition, Laser Quantum is always keen to develop relationships and work on industrial and research projects and have strong relationships with various companies; M Squared, Amplitude Technologies, Thorlabs and Lightwind to name a few. Ensuring it is at the cutting edge of technology, Laser Quantum is active in project work and currently involved in the Metrocomb project: Developing a femtosecond MIR frequency-comb. This is an EU sponsored project to extend research and development into femtosecond frequency combs to create compact, robust and commercially viable units to aid the advances of research. The investment into the femtosecond frequency comb offers numerous opportunities especially those in the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, where current conventional frequency-comb lasers cannot operate. Some of these applications include infrared gas sensing, metrology and spectroscopy.

Laser Quantum is a global company with offices or distributors on every continent. Both Laser Quantum and its distributors are happy to assist you in any queries you may have. Please contact your local office, full details can be found at:

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