Nanosurf is a leading provider of robust and easy-to-use atomic force microscopes (AFM) and scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) for industry, research and education.

Nanosurf products and services are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them measure, analyze, and present 3D surface information. Its microscopes excel through their compact and elegant design, their easy handling, and their absolute reliability.

For almost two decades, Nanosurf has been manufacturing unique scanning probe microscopes (AFM & STM) to help professionals capture, analyze, and present material surface information with subnanometer resolution. Our products and services enjoy the trust of leading universities and companies worldwide. Nanosurf microscopes excel through their highly compact and elegant design, their easy handling, and their absolute reliability. In every instrument, state-of-the-art techniques from nanoscience and nanotechnology were implemented in ground-breaking ways.

Please explore our website and learn more about Nanosurf and its offerings. Request a demo or quote from our Sales team and discover the unbeatable price/performance ratio of Nanosurf products yourself!

Nanosurf: Smart Instruments for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology — Microscopy Made Easy

What’s new

  • 101426 fum2015

    4th FluidFM User Meeting

    News | 19 May 2015

    Together with ETH-LBB and Cytosurge, Nanosurf is organizing the 4th FluidFM user meeting.

  • 450x252

    Custom solutions from Nanosurf

    Products | 19 May 2015

    Systems tailored to your needs

  • Nanosurf AG FlexAFM

    Nanosurf FlexAFM

    Products | 28 Mar 2014

    Nanosurf FlexAFM atomic force microscope. Your Versatile Research AFM for Materials & Life Science.

  • Nanosurf AG FluidFM

    Nanosurf FluidFM

    Products | 28 Mar 2014

    A unique new tool for single cell biology and beyond.

  • Nanosurf NaioAFM

    Nanosurf NaioAFM

    Products | 31 Oct 2013

    Your All-in-One AFM for Nanoeducation and Small Samples.

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