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NYFORS is an innovative supplier of advanced glass processing and optical fiber preparation equipment for high strength and specialty splicing operations.

All NYFORS products are developed with the user in mind for comfortable and easy operation in production and laboratory environment. A feature found in many products is the automated fiber processing, intended to give consistent results and high production yield in volume production of optical fiber components


What’s new

  • Minicoater s2

    Simple and square recoating with the MINICOATER 2S from NYFORS TEKNOLOGI AB

    News | 3 Feb 2017

    NYFORS TEKNOLOGI AB (publ) is proud to present the most cost efficient recoater on the market.  The new MINICOATER 2S will combine our proven technology from the 90s with our more recent developments. The resulting device comes at a lower price than any other recoater on the market.

  • Autostripper 3

    New fully automatic thermal stripper from NYFORS TEKNOLOGI AB - the AUTOSTRIPPER 3

    News | 3 Feb 2017

    The AUTOSTRIPPER 3 is NYFORS’s new thermal stripping device designed for fast and chemical free window stripping of optical fibers. It can remove acrylate-coatings between 250 and 550 µm and claddings between 125 and 300 µm, leaving behind a cleanly stripped fiber while retaining a high fiber strength.

  • Autoprep 3

    AUTOPREP 3 – NYFORS’s new automatic fiber stripping and cleaving device presented at Photonics West (Booth 5147)

    News | 2 Feb 2017

    At Photonics West 2017 in San Francisco, CA, NYFORS TEKNOLOGI AB (publ) is proud to present our new fiber preparation device - the AUTOPREP 3. The device is designed for automatic stripping and cleaving of fibers with extremely fast cycle times.

  • Nyfors teknologi ab65x72


    News | 7 Dec 2016

    The small and light weight MINICOATER 2™ provides versatile recoating capability in situations where portability and flexibility is needed.

  • Nyfors teknologi ab


    News | 27 Nov 2016

    Designed for high strength applications, this advanced and flexible recoating system restores the protective acrylate coating on spliced and stripped optical fibers.

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