Photonics North 2018

We’re excited to be driving up to Montreal Canada this week. Not for the F1 Grand Prix. We’re there for Photonics North 2018.

Visit us at Photonics North at Centre Mont-Royal, June 6 and 7. McPherson is located at booth #2. The international Photonics North conference focuses on novel optics applications and the socio-economic impact for the public, industry and researchers in optics and photonics.


F1 is coming, forget about NASCAR, the official race of homemade liquor, aka moonshine. Prohibition, fast cars, and stills in the woods — celebrate National Moonshine Day June 5.

Thanks to Photonics Spectra magazine and Laurin Publishing for the nice news coverage “Grazing Incidence Monochromator works 3 different ways”. The 5 to 1500 eV spectral wavelength region is covered by the grazing incidence monochromator Model 248/310. It makes spectral measurement around 13 nm and throughout the extreme vacuum UV and soft x-ray wavelength region.


McPherson’s XUV wavelength dispersive spectrometer allows efficient detection of low energy, so called “soft” X-rays. This Soft X-ray Emission Spectrometer (SXES) has enough spectral resolution to separate Nitrogen Kα and Titanium Lℓ lines and also ultra-low energy, low-concentration sensitivity — to detect Lithium and Boron. This spectrometer can detect differences between conduction- and valence-band electrons when they emit X-rays allowing distinction between bonding and crystal structure of the same element. An example would be differentiating highly ordered pyrolytic graphite vs. diamond, both of which are made only of carbon.

June 5 the observation of the Festival of Popular Delusions!?

McPherson offers many different vacuum components including telescopes, shutters, choppers, filter wheels, polarizers and more; unique components for high- and ultra-high vacuum optical systems.

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    Photonics North 2018

    News | 6 Jun 2018

    We’re excited to be driving up to Montreal Canada this week. Not for the F1 Grand Prix. We’re there for Photonics North 2018.

  • simultek234302

    5-ways to improve UV spectroscopy

    Products | 5 Jun 2018

    If the goal is better UV spectroscopy, we have some news for you. More than 70% of users choose the McPherson Model 234/302 monochromator.

  • soft x ray spectrometer

    SXR monochromator works 3 different ways

    Products | 3 May 2018

    Direct detection CCD detectors and open microchannel plate intensifiers fit. Extreme ultraviolet hollow cathode and solid-anode electron impact light sources do too. They are useful for calibration and spectral test applications and set this instrument apart from others.

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    What can you learn with McPherson?

    News | 9 Mar 2018

    McPherson is pleased to announce the spring 2018 hands-on learning session.

  • 629 axial view of plasma

    High-energy UV lamp

    Products | 4 Aug 2017

    McPherson is pleased to announce new and improved stability with flow controlled McPherson windowless, hollow cathode UV lamp Model 629. This broad-spectrum source emits ionized gas emission lines with little or no absorption by neutral gas. Computer controlled gas flow and constant current power supply improve stability for better spectroscopy.

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