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The only 532nm high power pump laser with direct power modulation for CEP stabilisation

Laser Quantum’s finesse pure CEP is the first and only 532nm high power pump laser on the market that provides direct modulation input to its output power.

It has the ability to receive a phase related error signal from an f-to-2f interferometer into its controller, thereby modulating the output power and hence the carrier envelope phase of a few-cycle laser pulse. Also, the enhanced bandwidth of the finesse pure CEP control loop permits a further reduction of integrated phase noise compared with the more conventional AOM method of phase control, particularly above 10 kHz making it simpler and more cost-effective.


The underlying physics:

By using our patented, fully DC-coupled high-bandwidth phase-compensated control loop that is optimised for the known frequency responses of both the pump diode and laser cavity, we are able to significantly improve the output stability of the finesse pure CEP at the same time as allowing for high bandwidth modulation.  As the CEP input is fully DC coupled, the output of the laser can be continuously held at a higher or lower power than the set-point by simply applying a constant voltage to the CEP input (unlike AC coupled inputs).  This is essential in order to get a stable long term CEP lock of a Ti:Sapphire system.

Features and Benefits:

  • The finesse pure CEP is able to receive a phase related error signal from an f-to-2f interferometer, thereby modulating the output power and hence the carrier-envelope phase of the few-cycle laser pulse.
  • The system has a fully DC-coupled closed loop feedback allowing for modulation around 700 kHz before reaching a 90 degree phase shift. 
  • The same feedback loop simultaneously suppresses the laser noise (the CEP input acts as an error signal to the control loop to cause a change in output power). 
  • As it is fully DC-coupled, there is a smoothly-varying phase vs. frequency response allowing for loop parameters to be accurately tuned for CEP locking. 
  • The finesse pure CEP feedback system removes the need for an acousto-optic modulator that has a relatively slow response to the incoming interferometer signal.

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