Based on own engineering and design with precision modern machining, OWIS® provides high-quality products for both standard and customized applications in the photonics.

Optical Beam Handling Systems
The OWIS® system installation kits allow the experimenter to provide experimental setups within shortest time. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that, when using the existing system components with a future series production, the same kits can be employed. This is particularly important for the industrial research. With the available system rails, the profiles and the corresponding riders, beam handling heights of 25 mm (SYS 25), 40 mm (SYS 40), 65 mm (SYS 65) and 105 mm
(SYS 90) can be reached. Within the system, OWIS tried to achieve the highest degree of compatibility among all system components.

Optical Components
OWIS® optical components are used in all research fields of the industrial sectors where light is used for experimental and developing processes. These are not only standard but also customer and application-specific products. The kinematic and gimbal adjustment units with the corresponding inserts are brought to the required beam handling heights, when mounted on slides, pins or directly on optical tables. In addition to the standardized system heights of
25 mm (SYS 25), 40 mm (SYS 40), 65 mm (SYS 65) and 105 mm (SYS 90), a variety
of applications can be realized, due to the location diameters of 9.5 mm / 3/8 " to 152.4 mm/6".

Manual Positioning Systems
OWIS® positioning systems are the economic solution for applications, where simple but precise motion sequences have to be realized. Due to the manifold combination possibilities of linear, rotary, angular adjustment and tilt stages, goniometers as well as fine-thread and micrometer screws in the most different specifications, a large application area is covered. Adapter plates
allow additional assembling possibilities. Therefore, a multitude of applications is possible, also beyond the standardized system heights of 25 mm (SYS 25), 40 mm (SYS 40), 65 mm (SYS 65) and 105 mm (SYS 90).

Motorized Positioning Systems
Motorized positioning systems are used in research and laboratories as well as in various
industrial sectors to automate precise and complex motion sequences. A construction kit with different automation components allows the assembling of complete harmonized systems. For this reason, multidimensional positioning, adjusting and moving of different loads with variable velocities is possible.

Nano-Hybrid Positioning Systems
If parts or samples have to be moved or positioned with nanometer precision, our Nano Hybrid Positioners are used. Linear stages with our appropriate control unit are available for linear movements, also for large travels and loads. The compatibility to each other as well as to our other positioning systems allows the assembly of multi-axes combinations for complex movements.

Customized Solutions
OWIS® has a modern production line with precise machines which enable the manufacturing of high quality products. Above all, a motivated R&D team does its best to offer individual solutions to our customers. The company is proud to - not only through standard products but also through special projects – set standards for future technological development in the fields of optical beam handling and positioning systems.

An updated OWIS® catalog is issued each year as a guiding source for those looking for high-quality products and services and is available by mail request Contact or through our website Catalog. There you can also find product updates, three-dimensional product models for a better support of your engineering plans, and more.

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