Park Systems is the Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) technology leader, providing products that address the requirements of all research and industrial nanoscale applications. All systems are fully compatible with innovative and powerful options.

The product line of Park Systems reflects our focused strength in nanometrology applications. The company's comprehensive portfolio of products, software, services, and expertise is designed and engineered to help customers achieve the metrology performance that meets the needs and requirements of present and future applications.

In a nanoscale measurement, a repeatable, reproducible, and reliable measurement is just as important as nanoscale resolution. The innovative metrology platform of the XE-AFM ushered a new era of nanometrology that overcomes non-linearity and non-orthogonality associated with conventional piezoelectric tube based AFM. The XE-AFM is a disruptive market force that has far reaching consequences, in that it expands the application of nanometrology beyond what has been previously made possible with conventional AFM technology.