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FlexPDE by PDE Solutions Inc is the original Unlimited Multiphysics/Multidiscipline Finite Element Package. It is a 'scripted finite element model builder' that reads systems of partial differential equations presented by the user, creates a finite element model of the system, solves it and presents graphical output, all in a convenient interactive environment.

The system may have as many equations as required and may be 1D, 2D or 3D in space; steady-state, time-dependent or eigenvalue; linear or nonlinear; from simple Poisson equations to complex nonlinear reactive systems. FlexPDE knows nothing about specific areas of application; it deals strictly with the mathematics of a PDE system. If you can pose a system of PDE's and initial/boundary values that represent your problem, then it is likely that FlexPDE can solve it.

As a contribution to quality science education, PDE Solutions Inc makes a limited Lite version of FlexPDE freely available for students. The Lite version has the full 1D, 2D and 3D capability of the professional version, with limitations only in the size of the finite element mesh and the number of simultaneous equations. The Lite version can be licensed to unlock the Professional version. Download it at www.pdesolutions.com/sdmenu7.html.

As a supplement PDE Solutions also offers at no charge a downloadable copy of Gunnar Backstrom's "Fields of Physics by Finite Element Analysis" with applications to electricity, magnetism and heat. The sample scripts associated with this book are included with PDE Solutions's own samples.


What’s new

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    FlexPDE 7 Preview

    News | 18 Apr 2017

    Here are some of the new features in version 7:

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    FlexPDE 7 licensing

    Products | 16 Jan 2014

    For those who wish to evaluate FlexPDE more completely with their own problems, a free 30-day Professional 3D license is available.