Electron Multiplication Products from PHOTONIS


PHOTONIS is the largest manufacturer of electron multipliers and microchannel plates for electron and ion detection and charge multiplication.  For single channel detection, Channeltron® Electron Multipliers offer superior detection of electrons or ions and can be manufactured in a wide variety of configurations to fit specific detection needs.  
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Our unique Spiraltron and MegaSpiraltron Electron Multipliers provide electron multiplication in high pressure (10-2 Torr) while offering high gain and low noise.  They are comprised of a multi-channel configuration that offers a six-fold increase in surface area when compared to a single channel electron multiplier.
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As the largest manufacturer of Microchannel Plates, PHOTONIS can manufacture MCPs in a wide variety of shapes, coatings and plate sizes up to 150mm. New is a low noise MCP, providing up to a one hundred-fold reduction in background noise for use in low level imaging and high-energy physics research.  Microchannel Plate Brochure

Speciality MCP

Specialty MCPs can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Other specialty MCPs include Strip-line MCPs that read microchannels sequentially and Square Pore MCPs that provide focus or collimation of X-Ray and UV photons.  Specialty MCP Paper

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