Photon Detection Products from PHOTONIS


MCP-PMTs -  PHOTONIS manufactures a wide range of MCP-PMTs fast photon counters for Ring Imaging Cherenkov & Neutrino physics.  Our uniquely square MCP-PMT product (PLANACON) can be tiled to form large imaging areas, with a high degree of B-field-immunity while our traditional round MCP-PMTs can be ordered with either an S20 or S25 photocathode. Detection speeds are sub-nano and vary by configuration.

SLAC, KEK, CERN, GSI, BNL, RAL, Medipix Collab all use the PHOTONIS MCP-PMT products for experiments and R & D projects that require photon-detection or charged particle identification.  High Speed Optic brochure


Hybrid Photo Diodes -  Hybrid Photo Diodes detect single events with extremely low noise. They are excellent for single photon detection, with fast timing and superior linearity. HPDs are offered in both proximity and electrostatic focus formants, and can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes and photocathodes.

PHOTONIS manufactures a special version of the Hybrid Photo Diode for use in the LHCb experiment.  Hybrid Photo Diode Brochure


Imaging Photon Counters - Imaging Photon Counters provide a unique combination of high spatial resolution with fast timing and low distortion.  It features a focal plane array of 200,000 pixels, better than any multi-anode PMT, resistive anode MCP or APD array.  It provides excellent low-light single photo spatial and temporal resolution for applications such as time-resolved fluorescence imaging, LIDAR and astronomy.

Digital Low Light Imaging Products from PHOTONIS


Digital CMOS Sensor – The LYNX digital CMOS sensor provides low-light level imaging from full daylight to bright starlight ( <4e- read noise) at 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) resolution.  It is ideal for applications where imaging across a wide range of lighting conditions will be encountered.  Its compact size can easily be incorporated into mobile and static observation systems.  Lynx Brochure


Digital Low-Light CMOS Camera – The Nocturn low-light CMOS Camera easily captures monochromatic imagery with its large 9.7µm pixel size, and can output both analog and digital video formats at frame rates up to 100 fps.  Powered by the PHOTONIS LYNX CMOS sensor, it provides versatility in a compact and simple-to-use camera package. Nocturn Brochure

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