Our products support a wide range of physics research applications, including neutron, gamma, X-Ray and Cherenkov detection, photon counting and amplification, ion beam profiling, and frequency generators. For over 80 years, Photonis has been partnering with our customers to provide the highest quality detectors designed to their exact specifications.

Our products are used in many scientific, medical and industrial applications where accuracy and sensitivity are critical for assessment and action.  Photonis’ innovative sensor technologies can be found in many premier instrumentation systems, including mass spectrometers, nuclear reactors, industrial high-speed imaging, and medical diagnostic instruments as well as in a wide variety of physics and space research projects.  Our commitment to continual research and product innovation allows us to partner with researchers and manufacturers to develop custom-designed detectors and sensors to fit unique design specifications.

New from Photonis:

1Neutronic[i]:Photonis now supports neutron imaging through the use of our Neutronic[i]. This complete system consists of a 100x100mm2 neutron sensitive MCP with a fast phosphor screen along with your choice of camera to provide both thermal and cold neutron images using your neutron source. Neutron imaging is particularly useful in non-destructive testing applications as it is able to penetrate materials other sources may not.  Contact us today for more information

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3Cricket Lens Coupling Camera Attachment: This new plug-and-play adaptor from Photonis converts any scientific camera to an intensified camera. Using a universal C-mount interface, the Cricket will easily attach to your camera to provide images in the 200 – 900nm spectral range. In addition Photonis provides many customization options including shutter speed, choice of photocathode (including our exclusive Hi-QE option), and MCP configuration. Contact us today for more information

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