Photonis supports physics research through a variety of our specialized detectors, including the MCP-PMT, Hybrid Photo Diodes, Streak Tubes, and Image Intensifier Tubes. Our products detect soft X-Rays, gamma rays, neutrons, ions, electrons and photons for physics research.


NEW:Neutronic[i]:This latest offering from Photonis captures images using neutrons rather than X-Rays or other non-destructive testing methods. The Neutronic[i] provides neutron images using both cold and thermal neutrons with superior 50µm spatial resolution and high detection efficiency.

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2Image Intensifier Tubes: Photonis’ Image Intensifier Tubes are highly sensitive detectors, providing gains of over 1 million. Like all of our other detectors, you can order our image intensifiers with your exact requirements in mind – including your choice of photocathode, phosphor screen, gating, and active area.

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: Photonis’ fast MCP-PMTs are used for Cherenkov ring imaging (e.g. RICH and DIRC detectors) and Cherenkov time-of-flight detection with a few picosecond time resolution. Their immunity to high magnetic fields also makes these detectors suitable for calorimetry and readout of other scintillators. Additionally, Photonis offers a Planacon square MCP-PMT which can be tiled together to capture large images and has an exclusive high collection efficiency MCP option.

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Hybrid Photo Diodes
: With the best linearity of any photodetector over the widest dynamic range, HPDs are also often used to read out scintillators. The excellent radiation hardness of vacuum tubes makes them still the most reliable option in this field of research. We can optimize for any application with our broad range of photocathodes, sensitive from VUV to NIR.

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