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Optical methods have been relying on PI positioning systems for years, e.g. for aligning optical systems or samples. Piezo actuators and motors are increasingly replacing conventional drive systems because they are more compact, more precise and faster. Other non-optical microscopic processes, such as SEM (scanning electron microscope) and AFM (atomic force microscope), use PI systems due to their high accuracy and dynamics.

Imaging Methods

Nowadays, numerous industries depend on faster and more precise imaging methods. In all markets, the required tasks are focusing, zoom, object alignment and higher resolution. This ranges from the inspection of surface structures on semiconductors or flat screens with whitelight interferometry to optical microscopy, and from the digitalization of documents to image stabilization for aerial photography and astronomy. In all of these fields, the PI Group is present with its precise, highly stable and dynamic positioning systems.

PI Products for Microscopy / Imaging

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