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Fallback Planning

rayFallback is a tool for creating additional plans to be used in a contingency situation, enabling a patient to be treated on another machine, possibly with a different modality and/or treatment technique, in case the original machine is unavailable.


  • Fallback planning using dose mimicking
  • After plan approval, the system can generate fallback plans using alternative machines and treatment techniques
  • Plans of any modality can be replicated using photon plans with 3D-CRT (rayConformal), IMRT (rayIntensity) and/or VMAT (rayArc)
  • User-defined protocols specify the setup of the fallback plans
  • Fallback plans are automatically generated from the protocols
  • Fallback plans can be compared and evaluated using a number of visual tools (DVH curves, dose differences, etc.)
  • A Fallback plan can be approved and used for delivery in future fractions


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