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  • IPG Photonics: Advanced and Scientific applications of our products

    Products | 2 January 2018

    From atom trapping to space communications, from atmospheric wind measurement to ordinance destruction, IPG breaks down technical barriers to provide revolutionary laser solutions...

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    Welding Clear-to-clear Polymers with Thulium Fiber Lasers

    News | 16 January 2017

    Erbium and Thulium fiber lasers emitting in the spectral range of 1.4 - 2 μm have been used in a variety of medical and airborne applications for many years. Introduction Erbium and Thulium...

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    High Power QCW Green Fiber Lasers

    Products | 6 January 2017

    Green fiber lasers offer unprecedented single-mode power in compact and efficient package IPG Photonics GLPN-100 and GLPN-500 green fiber lasers provide maximum average power of 500 W in a perfectly single-mode...

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    Fiber laser micromachining in high-volume manufacturing

    Products | 2 December 2016

    High beam quality allows for small spots A new generation of fiber lasers operating in the near-infrared (NIR) at 1070nm has unique properties such as high pulse energy with high peak power,...