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All-new Hiden DLS-20 Mass Spectrometer joins the Family

The new Hiden DLS-20 quadrupole mass spectrometer is the latest addition to the Hiden 3F series research grade systems, all featuring three-stage mass filter technology for optimum sensitivity, mass resolution and contamination resistance.

The all-new DLS-20 introduces our largest mass filter assembly with a mass filter rod diameter of 20mm for the most advanced light-gas applications. The system has particular application to refined nuclear and fusion process gas measurement, operating in the ‘Zone II’ mass stability region for the highest mass resolution of low molecular weight gases, yet uniquely is directly switchable to ‘Zone I’ operation for routine measurements through a 200amu mass range. Low level deuterium in helium is measurable down to just 10 part-per-million(ppm) for example.

Hapr0152 quadrupole mass filter rod diameters 20mm 9mm 6mm 350px

The Hiden 3F system series options include electron bombardment ion sources for gas, UHV and molecular beam analysis. The option of analogue and digital signal detection allows the user to optimise operation for fastest response or most stable measurement for analysis of both positive and negative ions, neutrals and radicals.
For full details of the Hiden 3F quadrupole family contact Hiden Analytical at info@hiden.co.uk or visit the main website at www.HidenAnalytical.com.
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