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ICDD Announces the 2013 Award Recipients: Distinguished Fellow and Fellows

ICDD’s Board of Directors awarded Dr. Thomas Blanton the Distinguished Fellow Award at the 2013 ICDD Spring Meetings. This award is given to a member who has given dedicated and meritorious service to the ICDD.

Tom’s involvement with ICDD goes back to the 1990’s. He has served and continues to serve in our most important leadership positions. Besides chairing a number of committees and subcommittees, he has held the following positions: Member-at-Large of the Board of Directors, 1992-1998 and 2004-2008, and Chairman of the Board of Directors 2008-2012. During his time as Chairman, ICDD has seen significant growth in the Powder Diffraction File. He is a member of the Denver X-ray Conference Organizing Committee and co-editor of Advances in X-ray Analysis. Tom has freely shared his knowledge and expertise over the last two decades, through his volunteer efforts within the ICDD, including an instructor at the ICDD X-ray powder diffraction clinics and workshops. Tom is an internationally-recognized scientist, an author of over 100 publications, and he has given of his time for further developments at the ICDD.


Tom Blanton (l), Scott Misture (r)

The ICDD Board of Directors awarded two ICDD Fellows in 2013: Drs. Detlef Beckers and Shawn Yin. Both scientists were honored for their sustained contributions on the ICDD Pharmaceutical Powder X-ray Diffraction Symposiums (PPXRD).

Dr. Yin has also been intensely involved with PPXRD as an educator and instructor on materials analysis of pharmaceuticals and the use of diffraction techniques as a primary research tool. He is currently with Bristol-Myers Squibb as Principal Scientist and group leader of the Crystal Chemistry and Characterization group. He received his award at the 2013 ICDD Spring Meetings.


Shawn Yin (l), Scott Misture (r)

Dr. Beckers has been a major contributor to the development of the PPXRD symposia series as a member of the Organizing Committee, and has participated in 10 / 11 PPXRD symposia, given 18 presentations and conducted several workshops. He is currently with PANalytical in the position of Lead Scientist.  He received his award at PPXRD-12, held 20-24 May 2013, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics, in Beijing, China.


Detlef Beckers