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Over the last years, TOPTICA Photonics has evolved to one of the leading laser photonics companies in Europe. Based near Munich, Germany, we develop and manufacture high-end lasers and laser systems for scientific and industrial applications in biophotonics, quantum optics and test & measurement. TOPTICA has its home in the three following technology fields: diode and fiber lasers as well as Terahertz system design. Among our customers are not only high-tech companies in the life sciences, the semiconductor industry or quality assurance but also nearly a dozen Nobel Laureates.

About 180 highly skilled employees transfer today’s research technology into new products for industrial applications. Latest research andcustomer needs are merging in TOPTICA products in order to meet the requirements for leading-edge solutions. Scientific and OEM customers alike appreciate the sophisticated performance of our systems as well as long lifetime, high reliability and stability. A subsidiary in Rochester, NY, USA and a worldwide distribution network ensure best service and short responsetimes for our international customers.