Electrophotography Processes – Trek products play an essential role in electrostatic image-forming processes. This electrophotographic technology is utilized in laser printers, copiers, fax machines and many other printing devices. Electrostatic voltmeters are used in electrophotography R&D, quality control, manufacturing, field testing, and frequently provide feedback for process adjustment. Trek also supplies products for precise toner charge-to-mass ratio measurements and continues to develop solutions to address the needs of this industry. More info

Semiconductor Manufacturing – Trek designs and manufactures high voltage amplifiers and power supplies for ion beam deflection in silicon wafer processing operations. Trek's technology enables OEM semiconductor equipment manufacturers to offer extremely precise beam sweeping and positioning capabilities, which is especially important for dose control and uniformity. Trek amplifiers are also used in electrostatic chucksfor wafer clamping applications. Our amplifiers enable customized control of complicated control sequences and provide wafer presence and clamping force detection, making Trek uniquely qualified to work with OEMs to address their challenges in these areas. More info

Research Disciplines – Trek products and technologies enable innovation across a broad spectrum of research areas. Several are highlighted below. A complete overview of R&D applications is available at our website.


  • Accelerator Mass Spectrometer - Trek provides amplifiers that are used to deflect the ion beam for the selection and analysis of the ions.
  • Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) - Trek high voltage and high frequency amplifiers are used as AC generators in dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) applications.
  • Electroactive Polymers (EAP) - Trek’s amplifiers are used to characterize these new materials and to control the strain or position of EAP actuators by controlling voltage applied across the actuator.
  • Electrocoalescence - Trek’s amplifiers are used to assist in applying electric fields to mixtures, such as oil and water, in connection with electrocoalescence studies which can impact the oil and petroleum industry as well as other industries where separation of water from oil is important, as in the edible oil industry.
  • Electrohydrodynamics (EHD) - Trek’s amplifiers are used to control the electric field levels utilized in the study of the fluid/gas motion induced by electric fields.
  • Electron Beam Ion Traps (EBIT) and Electron Beam Ion Sources (EBIS) - Trek’s high voltage power amplifiers are used to control the electron beam energy, anode voltage (extraction supply), and deflection.
  • Electro-optic Modulation - Trek’s amplifiers are used to apply high voltage potentials across electro-optic materials to create birefringence in the material.
  • Electrorheological (ER) Fluids - Trek’s amplifiers are used to control the electric fields across the liquids to control the viscosity.
  • Electrospinning - Trek’s amplifiers are used to provide high voltages (typically 10kV to 20kV) to generate sufficient surface charge to overcome the surface tension in a drop of polymer fluid.  This results in the ejection of a fluid jet that is drawn down by acceleration to a grounded collector.  The diameters of the electrospun fibers are at least one order of magnitude smaller than those made by conventional extrusion techniques.
  • Electrostatic Precipitation - Trek’s HV amplifiers are used in research applications for improving electrostatic precipitator methodologies.
  • Ferroelectric and Smart Material Characterization - Trek’s amplifiers are used to sweep voltage across these materials while monitoring the current required in order to measure the electrical characteristics and hysteresis of these materials.
  • Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) - Trek’s amplifiers are used to apply voltages to provide electrostatic attraction or repulsion to control the movement of the micro-mechanical structures.
  • Microfluidics/Electrokinetic Instability - Trek’s amplifiers are used for controlling DC and AC electric fields to stir or create a flow of a fluid in a microfluidic device.
  • Non-Thermal Plasma Chemistry - Trek provides standard high voltage amplifiers which are used for R&D of plasma reactors and plasma chemistry processes.  Trek also designs custom power supplies for specific reactor requirements.  These amplifiers provide the energy to start and control the plasma generation, which enhances the chemical reaction.
  • Piezoelectric Research - Amplifiers are used in driving of piezoelectric elements and poling of piezoelectric materials. Refer to this short video.

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    TREK Expands to Consolidate Operations

    News | 7 Dec 2015

    TREK, INC. recently completed the build-out of an additional 16,000 square feet (~1500 square meters) of office and engineering space to accommodate the relocation of its subsidiary, Torrent EMS, into Trek’s headquarters and production facility in Lockport, New York (USA).

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