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NEXTorr: large pumping performance in a small package

The high-performance getter pump that is an ideal solution in a broad range of vacuum applications.

The need to miniaturize and reduce the footprint of vacuum equipment is increasing in a variety of industrial and research applications. This poses serious challenges to the high- or ultrahigh-vacuum (HV-UHV) pumping groups in term of design, space constraints and weight. The NEXTorr pump addresses and solves these important issues. The NEXTorr is a high-performance getter pump that combines in a novel and unique design non-evaporable getter (NEG) technology and ion-pump technology. It comes in a very compact package, about 20 times smaller and lighter than a sputter ion pump of similar performance. The NEXTorr is therefore an ideal solution in a broad range of HV-UHV applications where space and performance are key.

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